Iron Oxide Brown 1085B


Iron Oxide Brown 1085B is an inorganic pigment are manufactured from special latest Technologies which make them particularly useful in many of today’s performance pigments products. Iron Oxide Brown 1085B are processed under strict QC and environmental control for reliable and consistent quality. It has an excellent dispersion characteristics and high tint strength color consistency Visual and spectrometer tests are conducted on each lot to maximize consistency and quality.

Iron Oxide Brown 1085B offer excellent hiding power and performance of color. our product yields reliable performance properties which offer outstanding light fastness, sun light weather resistance, UV resistant chemical & alkali resistance.

Tinting Strength95-105
Specific Gravity4.2 - 4.5
Bulk Density0.9 - 1.3
Particle Size45 Microns
Moisture at 105 C1.0 % Max
Product NameSynthetic Iron Oxide Brown
CAS1317 - 61 - 9,1309 - 37 - 1
Applications :- Paver Blacks, Color concrete, Mortar , Asphalt , Bituman, Epoxy, Roof Tiles & mulch etc.
Packing :- In 25 kg HDPE Bag with Inside inner liner. Bulk Packing 1MT