polycarboxylate concrete admixtures

Polycarboxylate concrete admixtures

A high performance , non chloride,  our polycarboxylate concrete admixtures next generation concrete accelerator is a ready to use liquid admixture . special polycarboxylate concrete admixtures accelerates initial concrete setting time one to three times faster than normal mortar and concrete.

polycarboxylate concrete admixtures

polycarboxylate concrete admixtures

It improves workability and strength while it hastens the hydration of cement . It makes the mix easier to place and speeds construction by shortening the initial concrete setting time. Labour cost and time are saved, because forms and alternative protection will be removed earlier and finishing will be initiated.

Application :-

1. For fast setting , self compacting concrete and mortars.
2. Pavers Block, Brick, Cement-Pipes , Tiles, Cement Poles.
3.Concrete roads , High-rise and large scale building construction.
4. Swimming pool construction.
5. For setting mortars & concrete in law temperature climate.

Characteristics / Benefits : –

1, Produces consistent concrete by protecting material separation.
2. Polymerization is faster, better and stronger than other conventional admixtures.
3. Shows high fluidity and has outstanding water reducing ability which can reduce slumps loss considerably and is best for self compaction concretes.
4. A high performance super plasticizers which ensures high plasticity of concrete mixes at even less do safes when compared to those of conventional plasticizers.
5. Reduces bleeding this is due to early hardening produced by acceleration and allows final finishing a surface that will remain smooth and dust free for longer period and inexpensive to maintain.
6. It has the ability to accelerate cement hydration,thereby reducing the setting tine and acts as ab excellence water reducing agent.
7. Has a unique plasticizing characteristic which helps in complete hydration cement there by increasing the bond strength of any concrete.
8. Improves workability there by maintaining quality and profitability .
9. Can be used with all types of cements and all types of mould.


Optimum dosage should be determined with practical trials. The dosage depends on temperature conditions types of cement, strength required and type of acceleration required. As a guide a dosage range of 0.5 to 2.0 percent by weight of cement is normally recommended. Lower dosages are however used in precast elements and higher dosages are used in shot cresting. Because of variations in concrete materials , temperature job site conditions, and applications, dosages outside the recommended range may be required.

Handling & Precaution:-

The product can cause imitation if comes in contact with eyes and skin having cuts & bruises, If it happens one should wash that body part or eyes and see a doctor.