Fly Ash Bricks Advantages

Fly Ash Bricks Advantages.

Fly Ash Bricks Mixing Formulas

Fly Ash Bricks Advantages in Modern Construction industry

  1. Same number of Fly Ash Bricks will cover more area than clay bricks.
  2. Fly Ash Bricks have High Fire Insulation.
  3. Due to high strength of Fly Ash Bricks, practically no breakage during transport of Fly Ash Bricks and use.
  4. Due to uniform size of Fly Ash Bricks mortar required for joints and plaster requirement reduces almost by 50%.
  5. Due to lower water penetration seepage of water through bricks is considerably reduced.
  6. Gypsum plaster can be directly applied on these Fly Ash Bricks without a backing coat of lime plaster.
  7. These Fly Ash Bricks do not require soaking in water for 24 hours. Sprinkling of water before use is enough.
Fly Ash Bricks Advantages

Fly Ash Bricks Advantages

The main advantages of using fly ash bricks are, the fly ash bricks carries High compressive strength, its provide good thermal insulation than red clay bricks, fly ash bricks cheaper as compared to clay bricks and fly ash bricks are environment friendly.

Fly ash by mixing efficiently with the concrete mix it can replace Portland cement that in turn can aid in making big savings in concrete material prices.

Increased density and also the long-term strengthening action of flash that ties up with free lime and thus, results in lower bleed channels and also decreases the permeability.

The reduced permeability of concrete by using fly ash, also aids to keep aggressive composites on the surface where the damaging action is reduced. It is also highly resistant to attack by mild acid, water and sulfate.

It effectively combines with alkalis from cement, which thereby prevents the destructive expansion.

It is also helpful in reducing the heat of hydration. The pozzolanic reaction in between lime and fly ash will significantly generate less heat and thus, prevents thermal cracking.It is an environmentally-friendly solution.

It chemically and effectively binds salts and free lime, which can create efflorescence. The lower permeability of fly ash concrete can efficiently reduce the effects of efflorescence.It improves the strength over time and offering greater strength to the building.