Brick Precast Boundary Wall Molds.


Brick Precast Boundary Wall Molds.

Brick Precast Boundary Wall Molds by SRI KRISHNA PLASTO.  SKP are Quality RCC Compound Wall Making Machines Manufacturers in India. Our Brick Precast Boundary Wall Molds  very Easy to use, you can use Mild Steel Bar (use reinforcement ( Steel Bars) in concrete Wall Panels for extra Strength).

its fast way to make Brick Precast Boundary Wall in short time.


  1. Quality and consistency of manufactured product.
  2. Accurate dimensions.
  3. Strength increases over time.
  4. No UV degradation.
  5. Controlled conditions and monitoring for manufacture means coherent pre-cast panels
  6. Durability.
  7. High Strength.
  8. No on-site curing time.
  9. No production delays due to weather.


  1. Possibilities are almost endless with textured finishes.
  2. Flexibility of custom designed moulds to create your own unique effect.
  3. Pre-cast panels can be manufactured in almost any colour.
  4. Vast range of finishes, shapes and applications.
  5. Finishes include Rolled, Ribbed, Exposed Aggregate, Acid Etched, Sandblasted, and Brick.
  6. Attractive appearance with the use of architectural precast panels; eliminate monotonous slabs.
  7. Excellent insulation properties makes pre-cast buildings economical to heat and cool.
  8. Excellent acoustic control and sound absorption through the concretes mass.
  9. Strong fire resistance properties makes pre-cast ideal for high risk fire areas.


  1. Built-in fire protection.
  2. Low noise transmission.
  3. Reduced environmental impact.
  4. Thermal mass benefits.
  5. Uses recycled materials.
  6. Rot, fungus and rodent proof.
  7. Reduced site waste.
  8. Issues such as noise, dirt and clean-up are eliminated from the construction site.


  1. Speed of construction programme.
  2. Just in time deliveries.
  3. Precast concrete manufacture occurs off site in parallel to on site construction.
  4. Cladding elements stockpiled off-site and then delivered on-site to required construction sequence
  5. Replaces on-site formwork.
  6. Reduced maintenance cost and easy to maintain.
  7. Fewer tradesmen to hire and manage through elimination of trade specific tasks and labour.
  8. Building completion times shortened reduces bank financing and allows for sales or leasing faster.


  1. Quieter site operation.
  2. Reduces on site risks.
  3. Faster construction time onsite reduces community disruption.