Paver Mould Cleaner PPMC 800


Paver Mould Cleaner PPMC 800.

Paver Mould Cleaner, plastic paver mould cleaners & PVC paver mould cleaners help you to remove concrete from Paver Moulds.

its done without any damage on PVC Rubber Paver moulds surface.

We have 2 type of Paver Mould Cleaner Chemicals, one is in diluted (PPMC 80) form and other one is in concentrated form (PPMC 800).

Paver Mould Cleaner Chemicals Option 1.

Chemical Name :- PPMC 80 (Diluted)
This Chemical is Ready to use.
Available:- Minimum Packing of that Chemical is 210kg.

Paver Mould Cleaner Chemicals Option 2.

Chemical Name :- PPMC 800 ( High Concentrated dry Concrete Remover Solution for Plastic and PVC Rubber).

Paver Mold Cleaner Chemicals Uses :-

its use as Plastic Paver Mold Cleaner Chemical and PVC Paver Mould Cleaners chemicals.
its a fast and easy way to clean your moulds. use regular basis for improve your paving blocks Quality and finishing.
Available in below given packing’s sizes :-
Common Packing Sizes Available (Minimum Order Packing Size – 25kgs, 30 kgs, 40kgs, 50Kgs, 210kgs.
For Best Result :- We Recommend buy PPMC 800 Concentrated Agent. 
Paver Mold Cleaner PPMC 800 Save Your Transportation Cost with respect to PPMC 80. (Because it is high concentrated and powerful than PPMC 80).
For Cleaning Moulds:- You can Mix 1 kg of PPMC800 with 8 Kgs of Water (use warm water).
You can easily clean any type of sticky dry concrete from any surface, like plastic, rubber, steel, concrete mixture machines and concrete trucks.
PPMC 800 It is the best in class dry concrete remover chemical in India.
Please always follow safety instructions for use this chemical.
You can also Download and read MSDS for safety from our website.
Read about working conditions, and weather conditions.
You Need to make sure Water temperature approx 40°C for getting better results.
You can also watch our videos for know about how to uses that chemical.