Cement Removing Chemical For Steel Shuttering Plates CRCFS1500, The Best


Cement Removing Chemical For Steel Shuttering Plates CRCFS1500.

Cement Removing Chemical For Steel Shuttering Plates and Scaffolding.

you can use and remove any kind of dried cement with our CRCFS1500.

Easily Remove Dried Cement from Steel products generally use in the construction industry.

Dried Cement Remove from Steel Scaffolding & Steel Shuttering Plates.

also able to “clean Concrete Mixture machines” and “ready mix Concrete Trucks”.

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Cement Removing Chemical CRCFS1500 could break down the ionic bonds in Ordinary Portland Cement.

Releasing the dried cement from any surface to which it has adhered.

Cement Removing Chemical For Steel Shuttering Plates CRCFS1500 video.

Please watch the below-given video for the best result.

We are using TMC1000 Cement Removing Chemical For washing paving Blocks Mould.

The process is the same for cleaning any product.

We have 100% positive feedback for this product.

CHARACTERISTICS AND BENEFITS of Cement Removing Chemical For Steel CRCFS1500.

Cement Removing Chemical For Steel A versatile product.

Suitable for different material Like Plastic, rubber, Glass, PVC, Mild Steel.
Highly concentrated Liquid solution.

You need to Dilute Before use.

Top-level cleaning action.

Effective on cement-based stain/residues.

Quick and easy application.

It is gentle on grout widths but effective against dirt.

Cement Removing Chemical For Steel,Scaffolding,Shuttering Plates cleaning chemicals in India

Cement Removing Chemical For Steel (able to clean steel Scaffolding & Steel Shuttering Plates). the Best quick action cleaning chemicals in India.

Used for Cleaning Dry Waste Cement from the Concrete Mixture Trucks.

Although water alone can wash away.

Remove Fresh Cement and old cement Waste from the surface.

But Paver Mould Cleaning Chemical PPMC1000 is often used to Remove Specific Waste.

We recommend that Properly Apply it.

And let it, for about 30 minutes before Power-Washing the area.

Our Concrete Dissolver Chemical is also used for Open Blocked Pipes.

Use As Interlocking Tile Plastic Mold Cleaner and cleaning Cement tile making molds.

As well as making a Rubber Mold Cleaner.

It can also use as to clean all kinds of Paving Mould Rubber Blocks.

In addition, to use this, we also know it as a Paver Block Plastic Mold Cleaning Chemical.

CEMENT REMOVER CRCFS1500 is a concentrated acidic solution specifically developed for post-installation cleaning when a cement-based grout has been used.


The action of CEMENT REMOVER CRCFS1500  eliminates all Concrete residues.

restoring the original appearance to treated surfaces.

It is also extremely effective for removing inorganic dirt and saline efflorescence.


CEMENT REMOVER is a product that can be applied on all acid-resistant materials which need to be cleaned at the end of the installation processes or following grouting operations done with adhesives, mortar, or cement-based grout.

it is a Post-installation concentrated acidic detergent.
CRCFS1500 effectively removes cement and inorganic dirt.